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  • Barigo Steel collection

    Barigo Steel collection: The jury of one of the most important design competitions in the world for ship equipment and products, DAME, summarized the advantages of the BARIGO STEEL MEL range as such: beautifully designed, backlit clock and a barometer/thermometer/hygrometer. An elegant construction with clear lines and unique back lighting which ensures effective use. This product line seamlessly slots in with the design worlds of modern, high quality yachts and fulfils its tasks superbly: perfectly readable without an additional source of light, by day and night, light, glare-free and with minimal energy consumption.

  • Barigo Captain Serie

    Barigo Captain Serie.

    The CAPTAIN series is made up of luxurious, generously sized wall instruments that meet all demands for function and design. High-gloss polished mahogany or black piano- paint case to choice. Heavy, very solid glass tops with robust hinges and screw closure allow easy access to change the battery of the clock or to adjust the barometer. The cover made of solid brass is available either in hand- polished or chromed versions. White dials and black hands ensure good legibility.

  • Barigo Admiral serie

    Barigo Admiral serie Barigo Admiral Series instruments all feature polished brass housings and silver dials with black hands and characters. They are easy to read, and offer a classic nautical look, imitating a porthole. This barometer displays the local Barometric pressure in increments of 10 mBar. A unique hinge construction allows the face to swing open for easy time adjustments and battery replacement. Each high-quality dial is constructed from an ultra-thin piece of circular-brushed aluminum, and finished in a Danish silver lacquer. This provides an excellent contrast for optimal viewing at any distance. The Barigo company from Germany sells top of the line gadgets for an array of functions. The admiral series offers high class design and a brass polished finish for a classic, luxurious addition on any wall or rooms in boats, offices, even homes

  • Barigo Yacht series

    Barigo Yacht Series instruments all feature a highly polished solid brass casing and white dials with black Roman or Arabic numerals. Designed for use on commercial vessels, to add a classic looking touch, each instrument is also given a coating of protective lacquer for stability against the harsh marine environments. The hinge cover opens easily, with use of a front side, snap connector. This hygrometer displays relative humidity using black text and with black hands, atop a white backing, making it easy to accurately read the humidity levels on your boat.

  • Barigo Poseidon Series

    Barigo Poseidon Series Instruments are designed to provide that classic porthole look in a compact design. Each instrument features a very heavy casing of polished brass and easy to read black writing atop white dials. This thermometer allows you to measure temperature levels accurately with its easy to read black writing atop a white dial background. The white dial displays the ambient temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. A unique hinge construction and toggle closure make battery changing and instrument adjustment simple. Barigo produces top of the line gadgets for an array of functions. Made by expert German engineers these instruments are the perfect way to add a classic, luxurious touch on boats, in the offices or even in the home.

  • Barigo Columbus Series

    The Barigo Columbus Series Double Diaphragm Porthole Barometer features clear, large, easy to read numbers and symbols for accurate measurements and readings. It is encased in either polished brass or chrome and coated with a lacquer for added protection against the harsh elements of the marine environment. Strong, sturdy hinges and screw closures allow easy access without worry of wear and tear caused by use. Barigo produces top of the line gadgets for an array of functions. Made by expert German engineers these instruments are perfect for boats, offices or even the home.

  • Barigo Regatta series

    Measure temperature and air quality simultaneously with the Barigo Regatta Series Barometer Thermometer Combination Device. This large, but lightweight instrument is classically designed with black text atop a white backing. The dial is encased in a large polished chrome or brass housing for a traditional look, that is sure to provide an accurate reading.

  • Barigo Orion serie

    Barigo's Orion series clock features a uniquely modern design with a round case made from stainless steel that is either polished to a shine finish or coated with a black lacquer. Available with a black or silver dial, white or polished silver clock hands and white or black text for easy, accurate readings, Barigo Orion Series Instruments are sure to add a contemporary touch to yacht interiors or even the home.

  • Barigo Star serie
    Barigo Star serie Barigo STAR Series is a line of technically advanced, compact instruments with a classic and high quality design. Encased in a polished chrome or brass housing, each instrument features a side mounted pushbutton that allows the case to open from the front for quick and easy battery changes or dial hand adjustments.
  • Barigo Tempo serie

    Each device in the Barigo Tempo Series is available with highly polished brass or chromed brass cases, that house white dials with contrasting black font and hand markers, for clear and easy viewing in a variety of weather conditions

  • Barigo Outdoor Penta

    Barigo Outdoor Penta

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